Q. How can I order any of your services?

A. Just click in the “buy” button and pay with paypal. Then in the paypal notes add the URL that you want to promote.

Q. What payment methods do you accept.

A. We accept paypal (you can use you paypal balance and/or credit cards)

Q. How long do you take to process my order?

A. We process any order in 24 hours, but in 90% of the orders we can process in a couple of hours.

Q. How long have you been in this business?

A. We are in this business for a couple of years now, so expect the best from us.

Q. Do you have a Satisfaction / refund policy?

A.  We are focused in our clients, so we want to have all our clients happy with our services. We will try to make you satisfied so expect us to solve any issue that can arise eventually. About refunds, we do not refund except if there is a MAJOR issue with our services.

Q. Do you have a reseller program available?

A. Yes we have a reseller program that will offer 15% discount in all orders. Many of our customers earned a lot of money from our offer.



Q. what type of fans/like can you deliver?

A. We can deliver targeted and untargeted fans.

Q. From what country are the targeted fans?

A. The targeted Fans are from USA and UK (you can choose the country)

Q. The fans are real people?

A. Yes the fans are from real people so we don´t use fakes or bots to generate fans/likes.

Q. Does the fans will stick forever in my fan page?

A. Fans/likes are from real people, so can stay or go, depending on the quality of your content and their interest on it. We cannot guarantee they will stay, because they are real people so they can decide by themselves. We highly suggest that you have a very good page with lots of updates so people gets interested.

Q. Do you offer a refund policy?

A. No we do not offer a refund policy.

Q. What is the delivery time frame?

A. Please check the pricing table where you have the detailed info.

Q. I have a different question?

A. Please fill the form in the “Contact Us” tab.



Q. How long does it take to setup regular (non-viral) video campaign?

A. Normally we take up to 24 hours to setup your campaign.

Q. How long does it take to setup a viral campaign (Fast Views)?

A. Normally we take up to 48 Hours to setup this kind of campaign, since its is very complex and requires a huge number of different sources.

Q. I have ordered but could not find the place to put my video URL?

A. When ordering by paypal you will have the Merchant Instructions field where you can add the Video URL, but if you could not find it, please kindly email us to: and we will process it ASAP

Q. Why my youtube views counter is frozen at 300 mark?

A. YouTube only updates video counter in real time for videos under 300 views. Once 300 views mark is reached YouTube switches to 6-12 hour updating rate for counter and 24 hour updating rate for insight.

Q. How are these views delivered?

A. Although we cannot provide specifics, we maintain a large affiliate and referral network plus a very high presence in Social Networks, to which we promote your video. We then manage your video to get the required views. The views are 100% real.

Q. Will Youtube ban my video for using your services?

A. No, I can 100% guarantee your channel will not be banned neither any of your video that we are promoting because we comply with youtube TOS and because we have promoted more then 100.000 videos so far without any ban.

Q. Do you have a refund Policy?

A. Generally no, but if for any reason a video that we are promoting is banned (what never happened)  we will refund 100%.

Q. Are the views Geographically Targeted?

A. In the Youtube Standard views (Untargeted) package, since its the most cost effective service we only deliver worldwide viewers, although a significative % of viewers will be from USA/UK but we do not guarantee any % of geo targeted.

On the Youtube Standard Views (Targeted) and Youtube Fast Views (Targeted) you can choose the Geo targeted that you prefer from the following countries:

– United States of America (USA)

– United Kingdom (UK)

– Germany

To accomplish that please after buying add a note in the Paypal payment form with the video URL and the selected GEO Targeted

Q. Are the Promotion Adsense Safe?

A. Yes all our promotions are Adsense safe, so you can earn from Google Advertising while receiving views.

Q. Do you sell also Likes, Favorites, Comments?

A. We sell only Youtube Video Views from a real and targeted audience, so we do not sell likes,Favorites or comments… but having a real audience will get you REAL likes, favorites and comments as long the audience enjoys your Video.

Q. Do you have a reseller program available?

A. Yes we have a reseller program that will offer 15% discount in all orders. Many of our customers earned a lot of money from our offer.


Google +1

Q. What is Google +1?

A. The +1 button in the search results allows you to like or recommend a search result or page within your on-line circle of friends.

Q, How do i install the google +1 button in my site?


Q. How long does it take to complete my order?

A. The turnaround time will be from 7-14 days depending on the ordered package.

Q. How are the Google +1 delivered?

A. They are delivered as follows:

  • Unique IP Adresses
  • Real People & Real Accounts
  • Phone Verified Account (PVA)
  • Natural SEO Process
  • All Google +1s are given manually